A life of its own

This is not a tirade against a wise and witty, relatively well-known Novelist. It is instead a reflection on the free-wheeling, ever-evolving life of an artwork, experienced one afternoon in the shadows of my own personal interaction with said Novelist…   One day, quite unexpectedly, I found myself standing beside a relatively well-known Novelist. An elongated giant of aContinue reading “A life of its own”

Deconstructing Borders

  An art show entitled Deconstructing Borders can today no longer slink by unnoticed. Its very syntax is potent; thick and heavy with political, economic and moral significance. Regardless of whichever side one inhabits in this divisive, contemporary debate, the concept of the border is a loaded one. Two months into 2017 and it’s the buzzwordContinue reading “Deconstructing Borders”

Deutsche Börse Prize: A Political/Art Minefield

The Deutsche Börse photography prize has, in recent years, been the recipient of much criticism (and some controversy.) Rewarding artists that “push the medium’s boundaries,” the prize’s contentious remit has provoked many onlookers to question whether it even constitutes as a “photography” prize in the first place. Back in 2010, critic Sean O’Hagan set the tone by asking where “straightContinue reading “Deutsche Börse Prize: A Political/Art Minefield”

Interview with Sonal Kantaria: Traces

Originally appeared on the Open Eye Gallery blog, 12/10/2015 In a striking series of diptychs, Sonal Kantaria traces a poetic path out into the horizon, bridging the plains of Australia with distant, Indian shores. A highly personal project, Traces turns to the landscape itself to find it laced delicately with dreams and hopes. Yet withoutContinue reading “Interview with Sonal Kantaria: Traces”

I Exist (In Some Way) – Bluecoat Exhibition

A little less resolute than Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am,” the Bluecoat exhibition “I exist (in some way)” takes the latter half of this philosophical reasoning and expands on the age-old enquiry into human existence.  The featured artists strive to uncover the deeply layered repertoire of Middle Eastern identities, while at the same timeContinue reading “I Exist (In Some Way) – Bluecoat Exhibition”