Interview with Sonal Kantaria: Traces

Originally appeared on the Open Eye Gallery blog, 12/10/2015 In a striking series of diptychs, Sonal Kantaria traces a poetic path out into the horizon, bridging the plains of Australia with distant, Indian shores. A highly personal project, Traces turns to the landscape itself to find it laced delicately with dreams and hopes. Yet withoutContinue reading “Interview with Sonal Kantaria: Traces”

Through the Looking Glass

Originally written for Open Eye Gallery, 20/04/2015 With its delightfully obscure title, Yuki Onodera’s first body of work certainly doesn’t offer much insight into what each photograph actually is. In 1991, the young photographer entered her series You Are Running. I’m Waiting with Ears Like Dumbo’s to the very first New Cosmos Photography Award in Japan. PraisedContinue reading “Through the Looking Glass”

Robert Heinecken, “Lessons In Posing Subjects” @ Open Eye Gallery

Originally appeared on Open Eye Gallery’s blog, 11.12.2014 Saunter through Robert Heinecken’s Lessons in Posing Subjects this December and you’re likely to find yourself, quite inadvertently, re-enacting some of the models’ poses. Hand resting on one hip or tucked inside pockets, perhaps you even brush your hair nonchalantly from your face. Harmlessly trivial motions, so we thought,Continue reading “Robert Heinecken, “Lessons In Posing Subjects” @ Open Eye Gallery”

I Exist (In Some Way) – Bluecoat Exhibition

A little less resolute than Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am,” the Bluecoat exhibition “I exist (in some way)” takes the latter half of this philosophical reasoning and expands on the age-old enquiry into human existence.  The featured artists strive to uncover the deeply layered repertoire of Middle Eastern identities, while at the same timeContinue reading “I Exist (In Some Way) – Bluecoat Exhibition”

The Wild And The Wise By Charles Fréger

From the ancient plains of Athens, Socrates lay down the prudent words, “In all of us, even in good men, there is a lawless wild-beast nature, which peers out in sleep.” It  awakens only once our cognition takes its brief respite. Built stringently and fundamentally upon social expectations, morals and regulations, it is dominated byContinue reading “The Wild And The Wise By Charles Fréger”