Zissou Pictures: From Fashion to Narrative Film

In 2009, internationally renowned fashion designer and film director Tom Ford momentarily traversed genres, bringing to the screens his carefully stylised, Oscar nominated directorial debut A Single Man. With its acclaimed Hollywood cast, Ford’s initiatory entrance into the feature film arena was greeted with mixed reviews, gaining a collection of awards while at the sameContinue reading “Zissou Pictures: From Fashion to Narrative Film”

The Darjeeling Limited

The soul searching expedition across exotic climes is a well-rehearsed trope. It’s one made ever the more clichéd as so many of us become eastward-bound, leaving behind a trail of beautifully filtered, exquisitely enhanced images carefully framed by a discerning western eye. When Wes Anderson unravels his own voyage of soul searching, clichéd is veryContinue reading “The Darjeeling Limited”